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An apparatus and method of altering video images to enable the addition of images, message, slogans or indicia in such a manner that they appear to be part of the original image as displayed. The application of the apparatus and method is particularly adapted to be used as advertising during sportin ...

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A yaw controller for a vehicle allows easy manipulation of controls for actively developing brake force in an particular right or left wheel to achieve the turning performance and cornering desired by the driver. A pair of lever style yaw moment booster switches [Y

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The invention provides nucleic acids containing single-nucleotide polymorphisms identified for transcribed human sequences, as well as methods of using the nucleic acids.

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Apparatus comprising a pre-filter rake architecture with various features designed to, in at least some circumstances, to lessen the data processing burden associated with the architecture. In one embodiment, the pre-filter aspect can be disabled.

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A receiver for acquiring a signal through a propagation channel, the receiver comprising channel estimating means (200) for producing stream of CIR estimates for the channel, a plurality of doppler filtering means (201) for filtering the CIR stream in parallel and selecting means (202) for selecting ...

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A method of analyzing a sampled signal that is supplied for decimation, wherein the decimation process produces a decimated version of the signal and wherein the method comprises determining an adjustment, if any is required, to the sampling instant of the signal prior to decimation that will cause ...

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A signal receiver is arranged to process a portion of a received signal in each of a plurality of filter branches and to determine a quality metric for each branch. The configuration of a second filter for processing the entirety of the received signal is subsequently performed according to the dete ...