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Vinyl chloride is removed from a slurry or latex that contains from 100 to 15,000 parts per million of vinyl chloride and 5% to 50% by weight of a vinyl chloride polymer by adding to the slurry or latex from about 0.5% to 20% of its weight of a compound selected from the group consisting of vinyl ac ...


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Vinyl chloride is removed from aqueous slurries prepared by the suspension polymerization of a monomer component that comprises vinyl chloride by heating the slurries at a temperature between 70.degree. C. and the boiling point of water at a pressure in the range of 30 mm Hg absolute to 3 atmosphere ...


Martin L Feldman: Process for the purification of polyvinyl chloride with oxidizing agents. Tenneco Chemicals, Evelyn Berlow, September 2, 1980: US04220754 (3 worldwide citation)

The discoloration of polyvinyl chloride that usually occurs when a slurry containing this polymer is heated at a temperature above 70.degree. C. to reduce its monomer content to less than 10 ppm is minimized or prevented by carrying out the heating step in the presence of an oxidizing agent.

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Drier systems for surface-coating compositions that contain oxidizable, organic, film-forming resinous vehicles and that air dry in 24 hours or less at temperatures not higher than 50.degree. F. and at relative humidities above 50% comprise metal salt solutions in an inert solvent that contain an ac ...


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An unsaturated polyester resin composition comprises an unsaturated polyester resin, an unsaturated monomer capable of reacting with the unsaturated polyester to form cross-linkages, and a colorant-thickener dispersion that comprises (a) 20% to 50% by weight of a thickener comprising a Group II-A me ...


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A colored rigid thermoplastic resin composition is prepared by incorporating in a rigid thermoplastic resin composition a non-plasticizing liquid pigment dispersion that contains