Martin J Harshberger, Arthur R Reader, Michael S Giambrone: Computer with modules readily replaceable by unskilled personnel. Logistics Management, Nies Kurz Bergert & Tamburro, May 10, 1994: US05311397 (168 worldwide citation)

A computer assembly comprised of a plurality of modular units which are readily connectable by pluggable terminals to permit quick interchangeability and/or replacement of certain units by untrained and unskilled personnel. The computer assembly includes a docking bay module provided with a number o ...

Martin J Harshberger, Steven G Hicks, Timothy D Welch: Unit ventilator. PEF, Armstrong Westerman & Hattori, October 28, 2003: US06637232 (6 worldwide citation)

A unit ventilator is disclosed wherein, in order to facilitate service and repair of the ventilator and/or its component parts, such parts are mounted for ease of access and of detachment from, or assembly to, the system. Elemental system parts, such as the blower assembly, the heat transfer coil as ...

Martin J Harshberger, Steven G Hicks, Timothy D Welch: Modular self contained unit ventilator. PEF, Armstrong Kratz Quintos Hanson & Brooks, May 20, 2004: US20040094289-A1

A unit ventilator is described in which air treating apparatus is housed within a chassis which is readily removable from a fixedly installed cabinet. The air treating apparatus includes an evaporator, a compressor, a condenser and an air flow system for separately handling air for ventilating and a ...

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