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Process for the preparation of water-dilutable urethane resins and use of the so produced urethane resins, for example, as binders for coating materials which can be crosslinked by free-radical polymerization.

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Radiation-curable water-dilutable urethane resins obtainable by reacting cycloaliphatic and/or aromatic diisocyanates with a mixture of a (meth)acryloyl-containing dihydroxy compound in an amount such that the amount of reactive hydroxyl groups present therein is from 0.2 to 0.6 mol, and with a tri ...

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Water-dispersible curing agents for epoxy resins are disclosed which, as a mixture with epoxy resins, have a potlife indication by showing the end of the processing time by a clear increase in viscosity, and which comprise reaction products (ABC) of adducts of aliphatic polyols (A) with a weight-ave ...

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Two-component systems based on aqueous dispersions of hydrophilic epoxy adducts Ah having hydroxyl groups as reactive groups and unblocked difunctional or polyfunctional isocyanates B, said hydrophilic epoxy adducts Ah being selected from cationically stabilized hydrophilic epoxy adducts Ak, anionic ...

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Water dilutable amine curing agents for aqueous epoxy resin dispersions, comprising a combination of an epoxide-amine adduct with an emulsifier, the epoxide-amine adduct being obtainable by reacting a polyepoxide with a reaction product of an amine and an epoxide component or an amine and subsequent ...

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Radiation curable polyester composition AB, capable of forming solutions or dispersions in water of high solid content which can be produced by mixing or pre-condensing a water soluble, radiation-curable emulsifying resin A which contains ester and acid groups and has an acid number from 20 to 300 m ...

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Aqueous binders for soft feel materials, comprising predominantly aliphatic, water-soluble or water-dispersible polymers A having terminal or lateral cyclic carbonate groups and an amine B having at least two primary amino groups, the ratio of the number of primary amino groups in the component B to ...

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Aqueous radiation curable binders comprising non-ionically stabilized epoxy resins ABC. Resins ABC are an adduct mixture of: adducts formed by the reaction of polyethylene glycol-modified epoxy resins A with olefinically unsaturated acids C, and adducts formed by the reaction of epoxy resins B, that ...

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A process for the preparation of water-dilutable polyvinylbutyral dispersions by (1) reacting an aliphatic acid having from one to three isocyanate-reactive groups and from one to three acid groups, or a mixture of such acids, with one or more polyfunctional isocyanates whose average functionality i ...

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Water-dilutable polyvinylbutyral dispersions obtainable by a two-stage reaction in the first stage of which at least one tertiary alkanolamine A and at least one diisocyanate B are reacted to the theoretically calculated NCO content and the amounts of components A and B are chosen such that the amou ...