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A mobile automotive telemetry system for installation on-board a vehicle, includes: (i) diagnostic structure for monitoring operational functions of the vehicle and generating operational information; (ii) a memory for storing the generated operational information; and (iii) a server, in communicati ...

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The rotating shaft carrying heavy equipment at one end and extending behind the equipment, is supported by a first bearing behind the equipment. This bearing is carried by a casing (15) surrounding the shaft and extending as far as a stator. The casing is flanged by bolts (17) parallel to the shaft. ...

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1. Process for producing a hallow steel ingot (15), utilising in a conventional way an ingot mould (1) placed on a bottom-casting base (2) fed by at least one bottom outlet (5), and also involving, in the centre of the ingot mould (1), the installation of a vertical cylindrical core comprising an ou ...

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Disclosed is a computerized apparatus for controlling the flow of vehicular traffic through a network of intersections. Detectors in proximity to selected intersections generate electrical signals representative of the commencement and termination of vehicle presence. One or more field preprocessors ...

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The bell of a brass wind instrument emits sound into a first enclosure providing, at the bell, a relatively small open cavity containing a microphone, the remainder of the enclosure being filled with highly absorptive acoustical material. A highly resistive or absorptive long and narrow acoustical p ...


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A method intermittently supplying bulk material, especially scrap iron, to a point of use so as to supply thereto a charge equal to a predetermined mean constant rate of supply per unit of time of such material, in which successive discrete quantities of such material are withdrawn, for instance by ...

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The method involves establishing a link between first and second terminals via a telephone network (RTC). The second terminal then transmits a demand for prepayment processing. When the prepayment is accepted, the second terminal requests pre-processed payment amounts and determines the amount recei ...

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A directional sensor array system generally for remote audio collection applications that is modular, scalable, and robust with the modules assembled in layers. The invention can alternatively employ sensors other than microphones, such as ultrasonic transducers and accelerometers. In the preferred ...

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An apparatus and process for remowing dirt from an exposed film as it is advanced to an image developing unit.