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A video amusement game terminal for a gaming system for playing a game providing the illusion of skill. A game processor provides a video game presentation in response to player control wherein a prize award is disclosed through presentation of achievement by the player of a designated objective. Th ...

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A video amusement gaming system with pool prize structures including remote game terminals and a central controller with two-way communications between the remote game terminals and the central controller. Prize awards are based upon random shuffling of a set of prize awards among a predetermined po ...

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A gaming machine produces truly random results using a noisy oscillator to randomly vary the frequency of a clock signal used to cycle a counter through its states. Multiple random numbers can be generated during the same game using the same circuitry, yet still achieve truly random results.

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An optical card reader for reading marks made on the face of a preprinted card utilizes a video camera and a memory device to capture and store an image of at least a portion of the card. Positioning indices are printed on the card, and the reader has stored therein information defining possible loc ...

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A method for enhancing the security of instant lottery tickets. A book number indicating from which packet a particular lottery ticket originated is printed on the back of the ticket and an integrity number is printed on the front of the ticket. The integrity number is related to the book number by ...

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A control system for a health club which stores user records including user activity data in order to monitor and control use of the club's facilities. A central controller includes a memory for storing the user records including attendance data and accounting data, and a main control which is respo ...

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In order to provide a reel type gaming apparatus with the capability to pay out winnings having a higher value than an apparatus where the reels have an equal probability of stopping at each reel stop, a table is created in memory having pairs of lower and upper numerical limits which define groups ...

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An automated design process and apparatus for use in designing complex structures, such as circuits, to satisfy prespecified design goals, using genetic operations. The present invention uses a population of entities which may be evolved to generate structures that may potentially satisfy the design ...

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The present invention is a genetic programming problem solver that automatically generates computer programs to solve problems. The genetic programming problem solver incorporates architecture-altering operations. In one embodiment, the genetic programming problem solver uses architecture-altering o ...

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A general automated method for synthesizing the design of both the topology and parameter values for controllers is described. The automated method automatically makes decisions concerning the total number of signal processing blocks to be employed in the controller, the type of each signal processi ...