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A method and system for coding an image using context-based adaptive VLC where transform coefficients are partitioned into blocks having a block dimension of 4nĂ—4m (with n, m being positive integer equal to or greater than 1). Each block is scanned in a zigzag manner to produce an ordered vector of ...

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A method and system for image coding, wherein an image is divided into a plurality of blocks for scanning. The pixels values in the scanned block are represented by a plurality of level-run value pairs, wherein the level value is indicative of a non-zero pixel value and the run value is indicative o ...

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The invention relates to a method of variable length coding in which data symbols are arranged into a number of sets, each of which comprises at least a first data symbol. At least two sets of variable length codewords are provided for variable length coding the data symbols and the sets of data sym ...

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In order to remove blocking artifacts from a frame which has been coded by blocks and then decoded, a certain number of pixels (n) is selected for examination from both sides of the block boundary (

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A method of interpolation in video coding in which an image comprising pixels arranged in rows and columns and represented by values having a specified dynamic range, the pixels in the rows residing at unit horizontal locations and the pixels in the columns residing at unit vertical locations, is in ...

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The invention relates to a method for encoding a digital image, in which method the digital image is divided into blocks (C, L, U, UL, UR). In the method a spatial prediction for a block (C) is performed to reduce the amount of information to be transmitted, wherein at least one prediction method (P ...

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Apparatus, and an associated method, motion compensates coding of video sequences. Motion compensated prediction is utilized in the representation of motion vector fields. Reduced numbers of bits are required to represent the motion vector field while maintaining a low prediction error, thereby faci ...

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The invention relates to a method of adaptive variable length coding in which a set of data symbols comprising a certain first number of data symbols having a first value and a certain second number of data symbols having values other than the first value are represented by variable length codewords ...

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A decoder and method for using a new picture or frame type is provided. This type is referred to a an SP-picture. The temporal redundancies are not exploited in I-frames, compression efficiency of I-frame coding is significantly lower than the predictive coding. A method in accordance with an embodi ...

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A motion compensated video coding method which can be applied especially in transfer of video streams using low transmission bit rate is presented. In the motion compensated coding method, the motion of picture elements between a piece of reference video information and a piece of current video info ...