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Degradations in packetized voice communications received by a non-synchronized entity, via a packet network, are reduced by adjusting a depth of storage in a jitter buffer (52) of the receiving entity. Units of voice samples data are stored in the jitter buffer (52) as they are received. Stored unit ...


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A lavatory cleansing block is formed of a composition comprising a mixture of (A) a surface active component comprising one or more anionic surface active agents and (B) a halogen release agent component consisting of (i) a halogen release agent selected from N-chloro- succinimide, calcium hypochlor ...

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A trailer brake control system for use with the hydraulic brake system of an automobile having a brake light and a switch therefor responsive to fluid pressure, in which an adjustable time base circuit is connected to the light switch and produces a signal which is amplified by an amplifier circuit ...

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A roof gutter system constructed of plastic elements including a trough and a coupling joined together by longitudinally mating means.

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Disclosed are full length isolated DNAs encoding cystic fibrosis transmembrane conductance regulator (CFTR) protein and a variety of mutants thereof. Also disclosed are antibodies specific for various CFTR domains and methods for their production. Expression of CFTR from cells transformed with these ...


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Electrical signals recorded on a magnetic medium as magnetic indicia represent digital data. Digits of data are recorded as encoded pairs of indicia (couples) by corresponding pair of signals. Successive encoded indicia are recorded on the medium serially in sequence; for example, in stripes oriente ...

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A dual battery charger system for vehicles, such as a system for charging an automobile main battery and an auxiliary battery for a camper, a mobile home, a motor home or boat, in which the system has an ignition coil and a unit having a lead connected to the main battery, a lead connected to the au ...

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A cooling system for cooling steel slabs or the like comprises an elongated tank with parallel rollers for conveying the heated slab horizontally beneath the surface of a water bath. Water curtains from angularly directed upper and lower nozzles seal the entry opening in the end of the tank through ...