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The interactive modular tile system of the invention comprises a plurality of modular interactive tiles (11, 13). The system comprises electronic circuitry which is operative to determine a configuration of the plurality of modular interactive tiles, and determine whether a game can be played, which ...

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A media portal for a vehicle includes a structure within a vehicle passenger compartment that defines a cavity. The cavity is selectively variable in size in order to retain a portable electronic device. A sensor is configured to detect the presence of the portable electronic device in the cavity. A ...

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A vehicle includes a passenger compartment, a touch-screen for receiving an input signal from an occupant when the occupant touches the touch-screen, an output device, and a controller. The controller changes a characteristic of an electromagnetic wave in the form of visible light and/or an audible ...

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The system (13, 15) for virtually drawing on a physical surface of the invention comprises electronic circuitry, wherein the electronic circuitry is operative to detect movements of a physical object over the physical surface and project a drawing (11) corresponding to the movements on the physical ...