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Contents of databases are translated into objects by reading the database schema metadata to determine data interrelationships and create objects with nominal human to computer interaction. Metadata for any number of databases is normalized in a standardized view. Skeleton code templates representat ...

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The methodology used converts non-HTML softcopy documents to HTML formatted documents based on examination of hypertext link entry points. To resolve these links, the invention interrogates the non-HTML formatted texts for hypertext links, verifies that the links are still valid (determines whether ...

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The present invention incorporates a series of light emitting diodes which transmit an ultra-violet region of the electromagnetic spectrum to a bed of phosphorous to provide a fluorescent light source.

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A computer system having a Visual Development Environment (VDE) is described. The Visual Development Environment includes an interface having a Component Inspector, Component Manager, Component Library, and one or more visual editors. In operation, a user constructs a program by selecting one or mor ...

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A method utilizes sputter transport techniques to produce arrays or layers of self-forming, self-oriented columnar structures characterized as discrete, single-crystal Group III nitride posts or columns on various substrates. The columnar structure is formed in a single growth step, and therefore do ...

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Improved techniques for modifying a playback rate of an audio item (e.g., an audio stream) are disclosed. As a result, the audio item can be played back faster or slower than normal. The improved techniques are resource efficient and well suited for audio items containing speech. The resource effici ...

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Improved approaches to flexibly implementing graphic equalizers on media players are disclosed. These approaches provide dynamic order reduction of a multi-band graphic equalizer so that equalizer effects can be timely performed with only limited computational resources. In one embodiment, a media p ...

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Improved techniques for performing accelerated video presentation on a media device are disclosed. The improved techniques enable smooth, uniform accelerated video presentation by displaying key frames from a video file in a periodic fashion. The rate and direction of accelerated video presentation ...

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A high deposition rate sputter method is utilized to produce bulk, single-crystal, low-defect density Group III nitride materials suitable for microelectronic and optoelectronic devices and as substrates for subsequent epitaxy, and to produce highly oriented polycrystalline windows. A template mater ...

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A method and technique of routing interconnects of an integrated circuit providing improved routing quality. In an embodiment of the invention, the technique provides linear spine interconnect routing. In memory array blocks, such as in DRAM and SRAM memory designs, connected pins are generally sepa ...