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A visual prosthesis comprises a camera for perceiving a visual image and generating a visual signal output, retinal tissue stimulation circuitry adapted to be operatively attached to the user's retina, and wireless communication circuitry for transmitting the visual signal output to the retinal tiss ...

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A method for stimulating a retinal ganglion cell in a retina without penetrating the retinal basement membrane at the surface of the retina comprises: (a) positioning a ganglion cell stimulating electrode on or above the retinal basement membrane; (b) providing a ground electrode in operative associ ...

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A method of focused phosphene generation through deeper intermediate retinal cellular electrical stimulation to the exclusion of direct ganglion cellular electrical stimulation comprises the steps of: a) positioning a stimulating electrode in the vicinity of retinal tissue; and b) applying a long du ...

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Embodiments of an implantable device for delivering a therapeutic agent to a patient includes a reservoir configured to contain a liquid comprising the therapeutic agent and a cannula in fluid communication with the reservoir. The device and related methods may provide such features as constant-flow ...

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An image is captured or otherwise converted into a signal in an artificial vision system. The signal is transmitted to the retina utilizing an implant. The implant consists of a polymer substrate made of a compliant material such as poly(dimethylsiloxane) or PDMS. The polymer substrate is conformabl ...

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A microcatheter system that allows for vascular infusion into retinal veins for extended periods of time. The microcatheter system includes a flexible cannula that is inserted into the retinal vein lumen and that remains stably within the retinal vein lumen without being held by a robot, micromanipu ...

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An intraocular camera for retinal prostheses may include an optical imaging system comprising a set of optical elements for forming an image of the external world on an image sensor array, wherein the optical elements and the image sensor array may be enclosed in an implantable biocompatible housing ...

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The present invention is a method of improving the persistence of electrical neural stimulation, and specifically a method of improving the persistence of an image supplied to a retina, or visual cortex, through a visual prosthesis. A continuously stimulated retina, or other neural tissue, will dese ...

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The invention is a retinal prosthesis with an inductive coil mounted to the side of the eye by means of a strap around the eye. This allows for close coupling to an external coil and movement of the entire implanted portion with movement of the eye ball.

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