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A dual liquid spraying assembly comprises an outer container containing at least two separate compartments for two different liquids, a spray pump dispenser for mounting on the outlet of the container, and a valve assembly mounted between the compartments and the spray pump dispenser for controlling ...

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An apparatus is disclosed which creates a signal that indicates when a door has remained open for a predetermined amount of time. The apparatus includes a switch element responsive to the opening of the door and the closing of the door for monitoring the positional status of the door. The apparatus ...

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A projectile for an industrial ballistic tool is formed from zinc or a zinc based alloy. The projectile has symmetry about a longitudinal axis and a rear portion of the projectile engages rifling, either within the barrel of the industrial ballistic tool or in a rifled extension, imparting ballistic ...

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A simulated vehicle radar transceiver is molded as a single, unitary piece of plastic material in the form of an elongated body having a large end which simulates the visual appearance of a vehicle radar antenna, a smaller end, and a horizontal projection which is adapted to be clamped between the t ...

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An electromagnetic interference gasket formed of an electrically conductive material having a non-rectangular profile, whereby the profile may be viewed and processed by automated vision equipment during high-speed assembly of the gasket onto a conductive surface.

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A molten polymer filtration assembly includes at least three independently controllable and removable filter housings which extend from a common inlet passage to a common outlet passage, thereby providing parallel flow paths for polymer filtration. Each of the filter housings includes an inlet valve ...

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A process for producing a recorded version of proceedings that is aligned with a textual transcription of the same proceedings. The process using an audio recording of the proceedings matches words recognized by a speech-recognition program with words in the textual transcription file. Each word of ...

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The present invention provides a multifunctional building panel which may comprise a sensor to measure an interior condition and an exterior condition and generate a signal in response, along with systems and methods for designing, optimizing and constructing modular buildings, including buildings c ...