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The present invention is a well logging cable including first conductor elements, each of the first elements consisting of a steel wire surrounded by copper strands and covered in an electrically insulating material, and at least one second conductor element including at least one optical fiber encl ...

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Sweeps of seismic signals consisting of pulse trains having a predetermined number of pulses in which the periods or durations of the pulses are randomized and in which the wave shape and relative time displacements of the pulses in different trains provides substantially constant spectral level ove ...

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A method for determining orientation of an instrument with respect to earth's gravity. The method includes measuring components of earth's gravity along mutually orthogonal axes. One of the axes is substantially parallel to an axis of the instrument. Tilt of the instrument along two orthogonal axes ...

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An apparatus for communicating signals from a well logging tool to a recording unit is disclosed. The logging tool includes a transmitter comprising a source of digital bits representing measurements made by the tool, an encoder connected to the source of digital bits for transforming groups of the ...

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A system and method for controlling the transmitted signal for use in a well logging tool, using an iterative method (preferably the method of steepest descent) such that the transmitted signal more closely resembles a desired waveform.

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A method of extracting a phase and amplitude modulation signal impressed on a carrier is disclosed. The method includes generating the carrier at a frequency which is a multiple of the bandwidth of the modulation signal. The multiple equals 4N+1, where N is an integer. The modulation signal is impre ...

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An analog signal is oversampled as a digital time series. The data samples are divided into an even and an odd sequence. Each sequence is independently low-pass filtered and the resulting two reconstructed sequences will be identical to each other and to the original if no isolated error is present ...

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The invention is a method of synchronizing a digital telemetry receiver to a digital telemetry transmitter. The method includes the steps of initializing the sampling period of the receiver, measuring the detection time of each signal event detected by the receiver relative to a time window based on ...