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An apparatus for insertion into the urethra for attachment to and removal of an in-dwelling urinary continence device comprises generally a tubular body having a longitudinal bore with a slidable shaft therein. Slidable jaws are connected to a first end of the shaft and are normally retained in a cl ...

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A removable stent system and method for extraction of a removable stent from a target site is disclosed. The removable stent includes a removable stent having a collapsible end and a collapsing element configured for coupling with a removal tool. The collapsing element can be configured as a lasso o ...

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An implantable artificial sphincter system for reversibly occluding a body passageway, preferably the urethra, enables the body passageway to be opened and closed in sequence due to the action of a lifting and lowering device which is adapted to be in integral contact with or disposed about the body ...

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A foreign body retrieval device is disclosed. The device moves between an open position for receiving the foreign body and a closed position for capturing the foreign body. A novel method for retrieving a foreign body such as a stent is also disclosed.

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A pump assembly for a penile implant is provided having a mechanism that prevents spontaneous inflation of the cylinders implanted within the patient. The preventative mechanism includes a switching mechanism for moving a valve into either a closed or an open position. When closed, the locking valve ...

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Disclosed is an apparatus for controlling the discharge of materials through a body passage. The invention comprises a fluid actuated artificial sphincter mechanism that surrounds the body passage. The artificial sphincter includes an inflatable cuff surrounded by a hollow resilient C-shaped reservo ...

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A tubing connector system particularly suitable for use with medical prostheses is disclosed. The system involves of a connector assembly and a connector assembly tool. The connector assembly is composed of a clamping ring and connector body which can be coupled together to connect two lengths of tu ...

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A penile prosthesis for alleviating erectile impotency includes a generally tubular enclosure which is implantable within the corpus cavernosum. The tubular enclosure includes a generally non-distensible pressurizable chamber which when filled with fluid substantially to capacity will transform the ...

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A penile prosthesis implantable within the corpus cavernosum of the penis in order to alleviate erectile impotency includes a unique deflation valve mechanism for returning the prosthesis from the erect to the flaccid state. In its preferred embodiment the prosthesis is of a unitary type comprising ...

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An apparatus for delivering laser energy to a target through a radiation-transmitting waveguide having a distal end terminating in a tip which is in contact with the target during delivery, while protecting the tip from heat damage, which apparatus comprises a waveguide for transmitting laser radiat ...