Mark Howard Krietzman: Laser pointer with light shaping rotating disk. Mark Krietzman, December 14, 1999: US06000813 (45 worldwide citation)

A portable or stationary light shaping system which can shape a variety of light sources via a series of selectable & moving output specific light shaping optical elements which produces a controlled and precise composite illumination of optical outputs.

Mark Howard Krietzman, Yu Hsin Chen: Thin flat illuminator. Mark Krietzman, March 18, 2003: US06533436 (43 worldwide citation)

A flat illuminator, which may utilize a plurality of batteries and may support multiple LED illumination sources, adapted for high volume assembly with a momentary on/off switch formed therein. Encoded data and/or a key blank may also be combined with the flat illuminator.

Mark Howard Krietzman: Secondary power supply for use with handheld illumination devices. Mark Krietzman, June 1, 1999: US05909062 (37 worldwide citation)

A secondary or redundant battery supply which nests in-line in a tubular or oval housing. The present invention also provides for a flashlight or flashlight laser illuminator with a secondary or redundant battery supply.

Mark Howard Krietzman, Yu Hsin Chen: Flat credit card illuminator with flexible integral switching arm. Mark Krietzman, September 10, 2002: US06447143 (23 worldwide citation)

A flat card shaped illuminator with an on/off switch integrally formed therein. The flat card shaped light is adapted to a variety of uses and the on/off switch may be momentary or latching. One or more LEDs may be incorporated therein and the batteries may be removable.

Mark Howard Krietzman, Yu Hsin Chen: Multi-apertured feline toy and exercise device. Mark Krietzman, February 16, 1999: US05870971 (18 worldwide citation)

A multi-apertured enclosure having one or more rolling target objects located therein. A plurality of slotted openings, of a fixed maximum diameter, which provide access for multiple cat paws, at a great variety of angles and configurations to attack the targets, external replaceable targets, scratc ...

Mark Howard Krietzman, Yu Hsin Chen: Under-the-door mounted pet toy. November 3, 1998: US05829391 (17 worldwide citation)

A removable anchor for suspending a pet toy and exercise device under the bottom of an existing dwelling door to allow the pet to interact with the pet toy and exercise and play by itself, the device comprises a durable removable door anchor, supporting a variety of interchangeable wands, teases, sc ...

Mark Howard Krietzman: Laser light. Mark Krietzman, March 6, 2001: US06196702 (16 worldwide citation)

A novel hand held waterproof or submersible laser illumination device which provides for prolonged precise controlled illumination. The present invention also provides for a combination generalized illumination and selectable precise laser outputs.

Mark Howard Krietzman: Switchable tail-cap illuminator with power supply. Mark Krietzman, January 25, 2000: US06017129 (14 worldwide citation)

A novel switchable tail-cap illuminator with power supply which adds onto, or replaces a standard tail cap at the end of a flashlight and provides a secondary illumination source, with switchable separate power supply for independent use or for simultaneous illumination with the flashlight.

Mark Howard Krietzman, Yu Hsin Chen: Slide-switched flat illuminator. Mark Krietzman, January 21, 2003: US06508569 (14 worldwide citation)

A flat illuminator, which may have a replaceable battery power supply and with a sliding inner body forming an “on” and “off” switch.

Mark Howard Krietzman: Laser device and method for producing diffuse illumination. Mark Krietzman, August 13, 2002: US06431731 (14 worldwide citation)

A laser device which directs one or more wavelengths of pulsed diffuse laser light at a target to produce a diffuse laser illumination, and a method of illuminating and viewing a target with the reflection from one or more wavelengths of diffuse laser light reflected off a target.