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A method for producing an ink-printed article with two different and disce gloss finishes by using inks with different drying times and then applying an acrylic coating to article covered with the inks prior to the complete drying of one of the inks but after the substantial drying of the other ink ...

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An insulated attic access cover which is easily installed from below the attic access opening and includes a flat panel with a central insulation portion, flanges which carry a seal and attachment points to secure the cover to the ceiling.

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A collage sheet for hanging on the wall and securing articles thereto comprising a sheet of material having an adhesive on one side with said sheet of material wound around a cylindrical support so that said sheet of material can be unwound to form a collage sheet with an exposed adhesive surface th ...

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A decorative gift wrapping ribbon having a top decorative surface and a lower surface containing a layer of pressure-sensitive adhesive with the pressure-sensitive adhesive having sufficient adhesive strength to prevent accidental displacement of the ribbon on the package, yet having sufficient lack ...

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A rafter air infiltration block for use in house construction to prevent loss of blown-in insulation and to prevent air infiltration between the outside and the trusses. A generally rectangular piece of stiff, waterproof material has a plurality of fold lines to allow the block to be readily placed ...

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A transfer system including a roll holder having an upright member with a support member extending in a cantilevered fashion outward from the upright member with the support member including a set of rollers for rollably supporting a roll of material thereon and a detachably mounted roll stop for co ...

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The present invention includes a patch. The patch includes a main body with a base portion and a vapor emitting portion. The base portion includes a hydrogel comprising a first surface and an opposing surface. The vapor emitting portion is attached to the first surface of the hydrogel. A vapor emitt ...