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Transdermal transport of molecules during sonophoresis (delivery or extraction) can be further enhanced by providing chemical enhancers which increase the solubility of the compound to be transported and/or lipid bilayer solubility, and/or additional driving forces for transport, such as mechanical ...

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A time-delayed message indicator system typically displays a printed message pattern on a contrasting viewing surface at a predetermined time after activation. One preferred indicator system employs a migrating message pattern and has a laminar, multilayer construction. The message is printed on a s ...

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A portable light device is capable of generating light that is substantially uniformly distributed at its surface. The light device includes a housing having at least a translucent portion formed of a translucent material A first light source is disposed within the housing and is adapted to generate ...

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A method of manufacturing cheese which is simulative of pasta filata cheeses, but which does not require a mixing and/or molding step, and the cheese product produced by the method, are disclosed. The method includes the steps of pre-acidifying milk; ripening the milk with a mesophilic starter cultu ...

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A light apparatus includes one or more light pipes and/or diffusers to transfer and/or diffuse light from a few point light sources to a broader area and to other points. A hollow light pipe includes a light transmissive sidewall that encompasses an interior space, which receives and hides control c ...

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An adapter device for a lamp or light fixture includes a male connector, a female socket and control circuitry. The adapter supports at least one RGB LED cluster positioned so as to emit a colored light show. The male connector is configured to be received in a conventional light socket. The adapter ...

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A toy glider includes a body portion of a low density lightweight construction such as foam having the appearance of a super hero with an opaque cape wing structure and a transparent extended portions of the wing structure attached to the back of the outstretched figure to provide a glider structure ...

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A fragrance sampling display for retail environments is disclosed. The sampling display may include a dock having a removable faceplate and sidewalls. The dock may include one or more receptacles and one or more scent modules, wherein each scent module is associated with and partially inserted into ...

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The present invention is drawn to a process for manufacturing reduced-fat cheeses. In particular, the present invention is a process for the manufacture of reduced-fat Cheddar cheese. The process is characterized in that the initial coagulum is cut at a firmer state than in conventional Cheddar chee ...

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An actuator includes a conduit and first and second tabs protruding from the conduit. Each tab includes a first angled face and a first flat face disposed adjacent a first end of the tab and a second angled face and a second flat face disposed adjacent a second end of the tab.