Ralph T Francis, Mark E Hughes, Anne E Claeson, Joel Cooper: Apparatus and method for producing a reinforced surgical fastener suture line. Bio Vascular, Haugen and Nikolai P A, May 19, 1998: US05752965 (603 worldwide citation)

An apparatus and method for providing reinforced surgical fastener suture lines to prevent tissue tearing and fluid leakage following the creation of an anastomosis, the closing of margins following the removal of diseased tissue, and/or the ligating and dividing of individual blood vessels. A retai ...

Christopher M Hobot, Randall V Sparer, Mark E Hughes, William Ferris: Minocycline and rifampin microparticles. Medtronic, November 3, 2011: US20110269720-A1

Methods and kits for treating infection associated with implantation of a medical device use of minocycline and rifampin microparticles. The microparticles, in a suitable medium, can be injected in a patient in proximity to the device. The drugs may be configured to be released from the polymer matr ...

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