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A method and system of modeling a selected service within a network environment includes forming a service model template that is not specific to the network environment, but identifies anticipated network elements and network services that cooperate to enable the selected service. The service model ...

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A wireless ATM system (30) comprises one or more wireless ATMs (32, 34, 36) that are operative to wirelessly communicate with a wireless ATM server (38). The wireless ATMs each include a wireless network interface (41). The wireless ATM server includes a corresponding wireless access point or wirele ...


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An automated banking machine (12) is operative to conduct transactions in response to HTML documents and TCP/IP messages exchanged with a local computer system (14) through an intranet (16), as well as in response to messages exchanged with foreign servers (20, 22, 24, 26, 28, 96) in a wide area net ...



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A web site is broken up into main topical content areas. Each area shows a list of content items that the user can link to, displayed using views. A site map and table of contents read these views to determine what the user should see. The site map is a high level category oriented view, and the tab ...



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A directional antenna suitable for use with the transmission and reception of information related to the traffic alert and collision avoidance systems (TCAS) of a monitoring aircraft is disclosed. The directional antenna includes four monopole antennas positioned and electrically coupled in a manner ...