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A computing system comprises one or more cores. Each core comprises a processor. In some implementations, each processor is coupled to a communication network among the cores. In some implementations, a switch in each core includes switching circuitry to forward data received over data paths from ot ...

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A lookup mechanism provides an input value to a datapath element disposed in an execution datapath of a processor and causes the datapath element to compare the input value to stored identifier values. The lookup mechanism receives from the datapath element a result based on the comparison.

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Stored units of information related to packet processing are associated with identifiers, each of which is maintained as an entry in a Content Addressable Memory (CAM). Each entry includes status information associated with the information unit with which the identifier is associated. The status inf ...

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A system and method for employing multiple hardware contexts and programming engines in a functional pipeline partitioned to facilitate high performance data processing. The system and method includes a parallel processor that assigns system functions for processing data including programming engine ...

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The use of enqueue operations to append multi-buffer packets to the end of a queue includes receiving a request to place a string of linked buffers in a queue, specifying a first buffer in the string and a queue descriptor associated with the first buffer in the string, updating the buffer descripto ...

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A method, apparatus, and system for implementing off-chip cache memory in dual-use static random access memory (SRAM) memory for network processors. An off-chip SRAM memory store is partitioned into a resizable cache region and general-purpose use region (i.e., conventional SRAM use). The cache regi ...

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Techniques that may be utilized in a multiprocessor system are described. In one embodiment, one or more signals are generated to indicate that a breakpoint instruction is executed by one of the plurality of processors in the multiprocessor system. For example, a signal may be generated to indicate ...

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A device and method for processing a data packet at a device are described. The device receives data packets and determines available memory in one or more of local memories of a plurality of execution threads. The device stores packet information in an available one of the local memories of the exe ...

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A method of ordering commands includes receiving a set of related commands that have a predetermined execution sequence, the commands being received in an arbitrary order that may be different from the execution sequence and releasing a later received command of the set for execution before an earli ...

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In accordance with one exemplary embodiment, the present disclosure includes a method for executing application software during a simulation that models a processor for which the application software was developed. The method may include capturing results of the simulation to produce a simulation hi ...