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A method and system for layout optimization relative to lithographic process windows which facilitates lithographic constraints to be non-localized in order to impart a capability of printing a given circuit with a process window beyond the process windows which are attainable with conventional simp ...

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A method of designing an alternating phase shifting mask for projecting an image of an integrated circuit design. Phase units are binary colorable within each unit of the hierarchical circuit design, e.g., cell, an array, a net, or array of nets and/or cells, the phase shapes. The assignment of phas ...

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A design system for designing complex integrated circuits (ICs), a method of IC design and program product therefor. A layout unit receives a circuit description representing portions in a grid and glyph format. A checking unit checks grid and glyph portions of the design. An elaboration unit genera ...

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An interconnect structure, method of fabricating the interconnect structure and method of designing the interconnect structure for use in semiconductor devices. The interconnect structure includes a damascene metal wire having a pattern of dielectric filled holes.

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A method is described for performing model-based optical proximity corrections on a mask layout used in an optical lithography process having a plurality of mask shapes. Model-based optical proximity correction is performed by computing the image intensity on selected evaluation points on the mask l ...

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Methods, and program storage devices, for performing model-based optical lithography corrections by partitioning a cell array layout, having a plurality of polygons thereon, into a plurality of cells covering the layout. This layout is representative of a desired design data hierarchy. A density map ...

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A scanning imager is described which includes a line camera and a table to mechanically present successive regions of an item to be imaged. The time of exposure of the camera for each successive region presented is controlled by encoding strips connected to the table. Thus, if the table is subjected ...

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A method for efficient multithreaded analysis of a timing graph is described. The method is applicable to multithreaded common path pessimism removal, critical path traversing for timing report generation, and other types of analysis requiring traversal of sub-graphs of timing graph. In order to ach ...

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A method of synthesizing layout patterns to test an optical proximity correction algorithm. The method comprises the steps of: embodying Walsh patterns in a set of Walsh pattern matrices; processing groups of matrices from the set of Walsh pattern matrices to form a set of test matrices; mapping the ...

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A first method to compute a phase map within an optical proximity correction simulation kernel utilizes simulated wavefront information from randomly generated data. A second method uses measured data from optical tools. A phase map is created by analytically embedding a randomly generated two-dimen ...