Mark A Harger, Joseph E Amaral, Harold Blatter: Remote control transmitter arrangement for one or more television devices. RCA Corporation, Eugene M Whitacre, Paul J Rasmussen, Peter M Emanuel, January 21, 1986: US04566034 (232 worldwide citation)

A microprocessor for use in individual remote control transmitters for controlling respective different devices and for a unified remote control transmitter for controlling all the devices is programmed in the same manner for each in order to reduce inventory and testing costs to the manufacturer an ...

Mark A Harger: Tuning control system for a pair of tuners employing a common channel skip memory. RCA Corporation, Eugene M Whitacre, Paul J Rasmussen, Peter M Emanuel, September 3, 1985: US04539711 (18 worldwide citation)

The use of a single skip list memory for two or more tuners is made possible by indexing the starting point of a scanning selection operation to the last channel tuned by the tuner which is to be controlled.

Danny R Gibbs, Patrick A Burgess, William J Kurklis, Mark A Harger: Electric energy meter with power outage recovery circuit. Landis & GYR Metering, Woodard Emhardt Naughton Moriarty & McNett, January 22, 1991: US04987363 (14 worldwide citation)

A time registering electric energy meter for measuring usage of an AC energy quantity includes primary and secondary DC power supplies and a microprocessor, having a realtime clock maintained by the 60 Hz AC energy quantity, for maintaining realtime and for generating AC energy usage information det ...

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