Marion Francois, Pornin Jean Louis, Massit Claude, Caillat Patrice: Sealed cavity for electronic or electromagnetic component. Commissariat Energie Atomique, December 24, 1999: FR2780200-A1 (31 worldwide citation)

The system uses two rings of material - one to seal and one to adhere components.- DETAILED DESCRIPTION - The device comprises a support plate (100) and at least one cover (104) capable of being sealed to the support to form with it a cavity (114). This provides a controlled atmosphere around a comp ...

Boitel Michelle, Marion Francois, Pornin Jean Louis, Ravetto Michel: Method and apparatus for interconnecting electrical components by solder elements.. Commissariat Energie Atomique, November 2, 1990: FR2646558-A1 (8 worldwide citation)

The components (20, 24) are provided with electrical contact pads and, given two components to be interconnected, the pads of one of them are covered with solder elements (28), made of a metallic material with low melting point, which can be soldered to the pads, the latter being wetted by the mater ...

Marion Francois, Pornin Jean Louis, Imperinetti Pierre: Three dimensional electronic components assembly method by means of microwire loops and solder elements.. Commissariat Energie Atomique, March 8, 1995: EP0642163-A1 (7 worldwide citation)

According to the invention, in order to assemble at least one first electronic component (1) equipped with at least one first electrical contact region (5) and at least one second electronic component (10) equipped with at least one second electrical contact region (13), a loop of conducting mircowi ...

Mathieu Lydie, Marion Francois, Lucas Christian: Radiation detector for two wavebands and method of making the detector.. Commissariat Energie Atomique, May 24, 1995: EP0654826-A1 (6 worldwide citation)

According to the invention, a first substrate (20) is fabricated in which at least a first photodetection element (22) is formed, sensitive to a first waveband, and a second substrate (24) is fabricated, in which at least one second photodetection element (26) is formed, sensitive to a second wave b ...

Marion Francois, Guiga Angelo, Boitel Michelle, Gaude Gilbert: Electromagnetic radiation detector and method of fabrication.. Commissariat Energie Atomique, July 12, 1995: EP0662721-A1 (6 worldwide citation)

The detector comprises a thin film of detection material (8) sensitive to the radiation to be detected, having first and second faces (10,12). The first face is exposed directly to the radiation to be detected. A coating of resin (18) surrounds the thin film of detecting material and provides a ledg ...

Ravetto Michel, Marion Francois, Debono Jean Marc: Three-dimensional package for ray detection and process for manufacturing.. Commissariat Energie Atomique, August 2, 1995: EP0665594-A1 (4 worldwide citation)

The detector includes an array of detection pixels (22), which receive an incident IR beam (20), a reading and processing circuit (24) and a support (26) for the connections between the two components. The reading and processing circuit is made up of a number of chips (28) assembled in a cubic block ...

MARION FRANCOIS: [fr] Procédé dassemblage de deux composants électroniques, [de] Verfahren zum Zusammenbau von zwei elektronischen Komponenten, [en] Method for assembling two electronic components. COMMISSARIAT ENERGIE ATOMIQUE, February 23, 2011: EP2287904-A1 (4 worldwide citation)

[en] The method involves inserting open and hollow inserts (50) in convex solid elements i.e. welding balls (14), where hardness of each convex solid element is lower than hardness of each insert. A surface or portion (52) of a open end i.e. circular opening (54), is removed from the insert so as to ...


[fr] Ce composant de connexion (2) comporte, sur une face, un ensemble d'inserts conducteurs (1) destinés à être connectés électriquement avec un autre composant, lesdits inserts (1) étant creux.

Vanessa Fontebride, Christel Charrat, Ludovic Le Sinq, Marion Francois, Pierre Gadeyne: Managing records in a travel management system. Amadeus S, Thompson Hine, June 14, 2016: US09367563 (3 worldwide citation)

Methods, apparatus, and computer program products for managing an extended record data structure in a content management system. A plurality of records are stored in an extended record data structure that include first data containers containing standard data elements and second data containers cont ...

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The silicon layers (40) are arranged on an adhesive support (41) in an adjacent non-contiguous manner with a space of 40 mu m and 500 mu m between the two neighboring layers. A calibrated drop of adhesive (43) is deposited on each silicon layer. A strained substrate (44) is transferred onto the adhe ...