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Microporous films are produced by a process of quenching a polymer solution cast in a quench bath containing a non-solvent system for the polymer to form micropores in the resulting polymer film.



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-1- CHARGE MODIFIED MICROPOROUS HOLLOW TUBES ABSTRACTCharge modified microporous hollow tube filter membranesare provided. The tubes are comprised of an organic polymericmicroporous filter membrane having a microstructure throughout themembrane and an amount of charge modifying agent bound tosubstan ...

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A reconstituted leather product is produced from fibrillated leather fibers. The highly preferred leather product is prepared by a process which includes dry chopping pieces of chrome tanned leather, wet fibrillating the resulting dry chopped leather so as to realize an aqueous slurry containing the ...


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Charge modified microporous hollow tube filter membranes. The tubes are comprised of an organic polymeric microporous filter membrane having a micro-structure throughout the membrane and an amount of charge modifying agent bound to substantially all of the membrane micro-structure without substantia ...

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Un système de blindage comprend une première structure d'attache séparable 20 fixée sur la surface du véhicule dont on souhaite améliorer la capacité de survie, et un ensemble de tuiles de blindage 40. Chaque tuile de blindage comporte des surfaces opposées avec une seconde structure d'attache sépar ...

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A separable fastener system has a first separable member that includes a series of metal hook sheets disposed in stacked relation that defines an array of hook elements on its broad surface. Each hook sheet is a planar metal member of uniform thickness and has a body portion with a series of hook el ...

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CROSS FLOW FILTRATION ABSTRACT A process for the cross-flow filtration of a liquidcomprising circulating the liquid tangential to a charge modifiedorganic polymeric microporous filter membrane. Preferably, themembrane comprises an organic polymeric microporous filtermembrane which has a micro-struct ...