Marcus Hadavi, James Ryan: Quality of service management system for a communication network. LEVEL 3 COMMUNICATIONS, July 11, 2017: US09705805

A quality of service management system includes a rules engine that receives information associated with a communication path having an assigned quality of service (QoS) to be provided for a customer communication device, and identifies one or more network elements assigned to provide the communicat ...

James Ryan, Marcus Hadavi, Michael Renner, Jerry Cox, James Dwyer: Managing Virtual Local Area Network Domains. Level 3 Communications, June 23, 2011: US20110149800-A1

In one embodiment, a computer-implemented method of managing a virtual local area network (VLAN) domain associated with a network is provided. In this embodiment, the method comprises: defining a VLAN domain comprising a list of a plurality of connectively coupled ports of the network associated wit ...

James Ryan, Marcus Hadavi, Mike Renner, Raoul Alcala, John Kane, Hans Zeschin, Pete Faber, Roberte Faber: System and method for managing virtual local area networks. Level 3 Communications, Hensley Kim & Holzer, March 5, 2009: US20090059930-A1

A method for identifying VLANs associated with a network includes gathering actual network element configuration data from a plurality of network elements in the network, wherein the actual network element configuration data identifies one or more VLANs that at least some of the plurality of network ...

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