Massimo Maria Calanchi, Marco Giuseppe Raffaele Marconi, Luigi Giovanni Mapelli: Pharmaceutical composition for rapid suspension in aqueous media. Eurand International S p A, Thompson Hine, July 17, 2001: US06261602 (33 worldwide citation)

The invention provides a granular product useful as a pharmaceutical carrier which can be used for the preparation of pharmaceutical compositions that are capable of rapid suspension in water or aqueous media including saliva. The compositions may be used by addition to a glass of water with stirrin ...

Livio Maria Cornelli, Giovanni La Grasta, Marco Giuseppe Raffaele Marconi: Layering process for multiparticulate dosage form. Eurand International S p A, Thompson Hine, May 27, 2003: US06569462 (11 worldwide citation)

The present invention relates to a new layering process, in particular to a process for the manufacture of multiparticulate solid oral dosage forms based on a dry spray layering technique optionally with electrostatic attraction. The invention also relates to an apparatus for use in the process.