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The present invention provides an apparatus and method of orienting perforating gun strings. One embodiment of the present invention provides an orienting weight provided in a portion of the perforating device, such as the shaped charge, the loading tube or the gun housing. Additional weight may be ...

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Automatic testing determines whether a proofing-file generator and receiver are in a common intranet. If so then the proofing file is automatically sent by a route that is substantially wholly within the intranet, and ideally peer-to-peer. If the generator and receiver are not in a common intranet, ...

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An electronic control apparatus configured for use in routing customer orders, received over the internet, to a service provider such as a print service provider selected from a plurality of competing print service providers, comprises an electronic interface configured to receive and acknowledge cu ...

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The osteointegration of osseous fixing implants may be improved through a series of surface treatments. These treatments comprise a cleaning and passivation process, the application of a coating of Ca

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A device and method for providing a stimulus to the measurement of the field of vision of the human eye. The stimulus is presented at predetermined test sites in a region of the background of a perimeter to a person to be tested. The stimulus has at least two visual characteristics that can be varie ...

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A clapping apparatus preferably having a knob like handle securely fastened to a clapping plate. The clapping plate preferably having a recessed area with air holes placed though the clapping plate enabling air to fill the void created when two contacting clapping plates are rapidly pulled away from ...

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A method and apparatus for producing a document having human-readable content and a position identifying encoding pattern. A printer places text or other content onto a substrate, such as paper, and a filter material application system applies transparent filter material to at least a portion of tha ...

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An aseismic slide construction to isolate structures from horizontal ground movement caused by earthquakes comprises a lower plate for contact with the ground, an upper plate for supporting the structure, and a plurality of spherical balls located between the upper and lower plate. The balls are con ...

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There is disclosed an on-line print network comprising a print merchant computer, and a plurality of print service providers. Within each print service provider, orders are satisfied efficiently by optimizing throughput of print jobs within the print service provider, whilst at the same time, minimi ...

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An assembly (30) controls the amount of downward movement of a counterweight (24) within an elevator system (20). By limiting the downward movement of the counterweight (24), a desired overhead clearance above an elevator car (22) can be maintained. One example includes at least one safety device (8 ...