Jörg Fischer, Frank Dietrich, Manfred Paeschke: Method for Storing Data, Computer Program Product, ID Token and Computer System. BUNDESDRUCKEREI, August 4, 2011: US20110191829-A1

The invention relates to a method for storing data, having the following steps: establishing a first connection between a first ID token and a first computer system via a second computer system for reading at least one first attribute from the first ID token, establishing a second connection between ...

Frank Dietrich, Frank Byszio, Manfred Paeschke: Method for reading attributes from an id token. Hulsey Ip Intellectual Property Lawyers PC, January 27, 2011: US20110023103-A1

The invention relates to a method for reading at least one attribute stored in an ID token (106, 106′), wherein the ID token is assigned to a user (102), comprising the following steps: authenticating the user with respect to the ID token, authenticating a first computer system (136) with respect to ...

Manfred Paeschke, Malte Pflughoefft, Joerg Fischer, Guenter Beyer Meklenburg, Oliver Muth: Personal document and method for producing it. Jordan And Hamburg, March 4, 2010: US20100051702-A1

The invention relates to a personal document comprising an integrated chip which can be read contactlessly and which comprises a laminate composed of a chip film, a substrate covering the chip film on the structure side of the chip and a covering layer covering the chip film on the rear side, wherei ...

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The invention relates to a machine-readable security element for security products, containing at least one particulate substance that has electroluminescent properties and a transparent, electrically conductive pigment. Also disclosed are a printing ink for producing such a security element and a s ...

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The invention relates to a data carrier (100) with a chip (10) which stores energy (13) as well as information for contact-bound or contactless inductive communication, and with a plurality of excitable chip sensors (11) integrated in the chip (10), which, after excitation (12), pass on a signal (18 ...

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The invention relates to a security or valuable document having at least first and second display devices (118; 128), a processor (102, 108) for driving the at least first and second display devices, an interface (112) for supplying power to the processor from an external power source (114, 136).

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A verification apparatus for security documents having at least one diffractive and/or reflective security feature, includes a support device having a support surface or plane for receiving the security documents, an optical capturing device, an illuminating device for illuminating the security docu ...

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The invention relates to a sandwich structure (1) comprising a flexible Organic Light Emitting Diode (OLED) (2), wherein the opposite outer surfaces (3, 4) of said OLED (2) consist of a glass material, and at least one layer (5, 6) provided on at least one of said outer surfaces (3, 4) of said OLED ...

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The invention relates to a motor vehicle electronics device comprising a first interface (116) for establishing a first connection to a first ID token (134) in order to read data from the first ID token, a memory (104) for storing a certificate, means (122) for the cryptographic authentication with ...

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The invention relates to a method for making a structure with at least a first polymer layer and a second polymer layer, each made from a polycarbonate polymer based on bisphenol A, between the polymer layers a component being arranged, comprising the following steps: a) the component is arranged on ...