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This invention achieves a high inverse voltage of a super-junction semiconductor device, which has a drift layer composed of a parallel pn layer that conducts electricity in the ON state and is depleted in the OFF state. An n

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An organic electroluminescence device is placed as a back light of a liquid crystal display panel. The organic electroluminescence device is constituted by a front electrode (#112) having transparency to visible light, a rear electrode (#113) having reflection to visible light and an organic electro ...

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A semiconductor device is provided which can be manufactured even by using an inexpensive FZ wafer in a wafer process and still has a sharp inclination of a high impurity concentration in a high impurity concentration layer at the outermost portion of the reverse side and at the boundary between the ...

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A gate drive circuit in a power converter includes a voltage-driven switching device, and a gate drive circuit connected to the voltage-driven switching device for driving the same. The gate drive circuit includes a detection device for detecting a physical quantity in the switching device, and an o ...

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There are provided a position and velocity control system for producing a velocity command signal in response to a position command signal and a signal representing a current position and velocity of a servo motor, a current control system for supplying a drive current to the servo motor in response ...

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A semiconductor device is disclosed that reduces the reverse leakage current caused by reverse bias voltage application and reduces the on-voltage of the IGBT. A two-way switching device using the semiconductor devices is provided, and a method of manufacturing the semiconductor device is disclosed. ...

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A thin semiconductor wafer, on which a top surface structure and a bottom surface structure that form a semiconductor chip are formed, is affixed to a supporting substrate by a double-sided adhesive tape. Then, on the thin semiconductor wafer, a trench to become a scribing line is formed by wet anis ...

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A liquid crystal display device of the present invention includes a first substrate having a plurality of first electrodes formed thereon, a second substrate having at east one second electrode opposed to at least one of the plurality of first electrodes, an aligning film covering at least one of co ...

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A thin film transistor panel including: a transparent substrate; scanning lines made of a light blocking electroconductive material to be formed on the transparent substrate; data lines formed on the transparent substrate to be perpendicular to the scanning lines and made of a light blocking electro ...