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An electron emission device comprises an electron emission electrode with a pointed end and a counter electrode positioned opposite to the pointed end, both formed by fine working of a conductive layer laminated on an insulating substrate.

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Variations in the individual liquid crystal cells and cross-talk between adjacent pixels are reduced, stable operation is maintained and the aperture and the S/N ratio are increased by providing a transistor and an interconnection layer therefor on one surface of an insulating layer while providing ...

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A display device including a liquid crystal held between an active matrix substrate made up by arranging thin film transistors thereon, each using polycrystalline silicon as a semiconductor layer, in one-to-one relation to intersections between a plurality of signal lines and a plurality of scan lin ...

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A semiconductor device has an NMOS transistor and a PMOS transistor formed on at least one monocrystal Si region formed in a thin-film Si layer formed on an insulation layer. The thickness T.sub.BOX of the insulation layer on which the NMOS and PMOS transistors are formed, the voltage V.sub.SS of a ...

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In a semiconductor device which has capacitors respectively connected to multiple input terminals, and in which the remaining terminals of the capacitors are commonly connected to a sense amplifier, the capacitors and the sense amplifier are formed by utilizing a semiconductor layer on an insulating ...

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An image display apparatus, having a pixel configuration in which pixels on the n-th line and pixels on the n+1-th line are deviated in the horizontal direction, improves the resolution in the horizontal direction by changing over an image signal to be sampled between a delay signal DL and a through ...

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A liquid crystal display device comprised of picture element electrodes provided on a first plane of a substrate and an opposed electrode placed opposedly to the picture element electrodes, between which a liquid crystal is carried, characterized in that in a region of the substrate corresponding to ...

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An insulated gate type transistor includes a plurality of major electrode regions, a channel region provided between the plurality of major electrode regions, a gate electrode provided on the channel region with a gate insulating film therebetween, and a semiconductor region provided in contact with ...

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A photoelectric conversion apparatus having an array of plural photoelectric conversion cells having semiconductor areas for accumulating photo-induced carriers, in which a gate-insulated transistor is formed with main electrodes composed of the semiconductor areas of neighboring photoelectric conve ...

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A liquid crystal image display unit created on a substrate non-transparent to the light in the visible radiation area, characterized in that a portion beneath a liquid crystal pixel part on said substrate is removed, so that the light is made transmissive through said liquid crystal pixel part.