Malmer Jr Michael M, Perkins Cornelius C, Waldenmayer Donald W, Chowning Patrick J, Gardner Leonard R: Small reconfigurable processor for a variety of data processing applications. Burroughs Corporation, April 3, 1973: US3725868 (161 worldwide citation)

An improved microinstruction data processor capable of operating as an independent processor or as a terminal unit for a large general purpose computer employing a read/write disk memory to hold both macroinstructions and microinstructions, wherein the microinstructions implement macroinstructions. ...

Malmer Jr Michael M: Modifiable computer function decoder. Burroughs Corporation, Uren Edwin W, Padgett Jr Charles P, Fish Paul W, June 10, 1975: US3889242 (16 worldwide citation)

A modifiable computer function decoder is provided for use in a digital computer employing a relatively large number of microinstructions, many of which require one of a relatively smaller set of function codes. A fixed-length microinstruction storage register is divided into a first and second numb ...

Malmer Jr Michael M: Recirculating buffer memory. Burroughs Corporation, May 18, 1971: US3579203 (5 worldwide citation)

The disclosure embodies a dynamic, first-in-first-out buffer memory and includes means for selectively and sequentially recirculating and advancing the relative positions of the binary encoded data therein.