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A temperature control apparatus for controlling the temperature of a plurality of cuvettes consisting of an annular sealed chamber containing a refrigerant, means fixed to the sealed chamber for receiving the sample cuvettes, a heater in thermal contact with the sealed chamber, and a temperature sen ...

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A sample holder and shutter assembly for photometers is disclosed in which a stationary sample chamber body is mounted in close proximity to a photosensitive device. A light path is provided from the sample chamber to the photosensitive device and shutter means is provided for selectively interrupti ...


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An apparatus and method for indicating the temperature of the environment into which a reaction vessel may be placed is provided by a container holding a thermally efficient fluid. The container has an identical external configuration substantially identical to the reaction vessel and is adapted to ...


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A method of obtaining small representative solid-phase samples from a large solid-phase sample. Solid-phase material is optionally separated from any liquid-phase that may be present and is mixed. A portion of the mixed solid-phase particulate sample is selected which provides an intermediate size r ...