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In order to effectively use light from a light source, the light from the light source is split into P-polarized light and S-polarized light by a splitter or the like. The split P-polarized light is directly incident on a liquid crystal display apparatus for displaying an image by using P-polarized ...

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A steering system for a vehicle includes a steering mechanism mechanically separated form a steering handle and having a motor for steering road wheels, a steering detector for detecting a steering operation of the handle, a steered angle sensor for detecting steered angles of the road wheels, and a ...

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A hash function and a service key are stored in advance in an EEPROM of a DVD player serving as a source. In an EEPROM of a personal computer (PC) serving as a sink, on the other hand, its ID and a license key are stored beforehand. The DVD player requests the PC to transmit the ID. The DVD player t ...

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With the method of the present invention, a detected value in the longitudinal acceleration-deceleration detector can be corrected for a gradient of a slope acting on the detector when the vehicle is traveling on a sloped road surface. Assuming that a vehicle is traveling on an upward slope or a dow ...

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A multimedia playing apparatus plays hypermedia titles each consisting of a plurality of monomedia objects including at least one finite time monomedia object such as a video object, which is formatted as a sequence of fixed-length playing sections such as video frames and functions as a base-axis o ...

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In a data rearranging method for performing a distribution processing of an array in a multi processor system including a plurality of processors each of which has an independent memory, there are included the following steps of collecting data distribution formats that indicate schemes of allocatin ...

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An object of the present invention is to provide an information processing equipment which is excellent in the shock resistance, and has a strap and pen storing portion, and has a drip-proof ability.

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All of first to third liquid crystal panels have the same structure. A plurality of dichroic mirrors separate light from a light source into the three primary color (red, green, and blue) beams, and cause the red, green, and blue beams to be respectively incident on the first, second, and the third ...

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The present invention aims to easily create multi-media title without requiring a high technique. A multi-media editing apparatus comprises: style creation

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A transmitting apparatus and method, and a receiving apparatus and method for communicating a pack of 2,048 bytes using the digital interface in accordance with the IEEE 1394 standard. A 4-byte time stamp is added to a 2,048-byte pack of MPEG (Moving Picture Experts Group)-PS (program stream) data. ...