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A function of simulating change of weather and time in one scene by changing a sky area and an object area in a natural image while maintaining a relationship therebetween. The natural image is separated into a sky area and an object area excluding the sky area. The color of the object area is gener ...

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In a navigation system which has sensors for detecting a running distance, an azimuth, etc. of a vehicle, and a memory for storing map data; a probability density of a position of the vehicle is calculated on the basis of the sensor outputs and the map data for each of quantization units with which ...

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A texture mapping method projects a specified texture picture onto the surface of an object in another specified picture. Three-dimensional data on the surface shape of the object to be projected is not known previously. The three-dimensional data on the surface shape of the object is estimated on t ...

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Simultaneously and automatically with creating a CG image by computer graphics, (1) the image is segmented to create a mask image, (2) a mask attribute table is created by data transformation, (3) an intrinsic image (object color component, light source color component, ambient color component) is c ...

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An image generated by the detected signals of a scanning electron microscope is divided, for example, into a plurality of rectangular small areas with the boundaries parallel to the y-axis. The relative height in the boundary is obtained by conducting one dimensional integration for respectively bou ...

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A composite clay material with the interlayer distance sufficiently expanded by dispersing clay mineral in a low polar polymer on a molecular level and the method for producing the same, blend material and composite clay rubber material using the same and the production method thereof.

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An optical pickup head apparatus comprises a hologram element disposed in the flux of light reflected back from an optical disc, and first and second photodetectors respectively having linear element boundaries extending in a predetermined direction and disposed so as to receive two-focal-point imag ...

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Light emitted from a coherent light source undergoes fine adjustment of its polarizing direction by a polarizing device and is directed to a liquid crystal device through a collimating optical system. The polarizing device is capable of fine-adjusting the polarizing direction in accordance with the ...

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A test fixture for circuit cards comprising a probe board bearing electrical test probes in a fixed position with respect to the overlying test surface. A flexible sheet is supported by the probes and serves to stabilize their relative positions. The circuit card is held against the probes by vacuum ...

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A phase mask comprised of a rectangular array of phase shifting areas arranged in a pseudo-random pattern is illuminated with a beam of electromagnetic radiation. The array of pseudo-randomly phase shifted beams is focused on a Fourier transform plane on which the power spectrum of the beams distrib ...