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Video signals input to a hybrid recorder are output to the main unit of a computer as video signals. The hybrid recorder records the video signals in a built-in hard disk, and also replays the signals from the hard disk, the signals being output to a picture effects device as video signals. The pict ...

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A water-disintegrable cleaning sheet comprising a web of water-dispersible fibers having incorporated thereinto a water-soluble binder having a carboxyl group; at least one metallic ion selected from the group consisting of ions of alkaline earth metals, manganese, zinc, cobalt, and nickel; and an a ...

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When inverter control is implemented in a refrigerator or the like, the rotating speed of a compressor motor is often operated at the preset minimum rotating speed. At this time, there has been a problem that when the DC voltage is boosted, the efficiency of the circuit drops due to switching loss i ...

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A method and apparatus for improving the efficiency of providing updated data over a transmission medium. Each data has associated information indicating the presence or absence of validity data. An absence of validity data indicates that the data does not need to be updated. The presence of validit ...

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A semiconductor device includes a main circuit part having a semiconductor device formed on an electrode plate of a lead frame and a control circuit part having protective functions, which is integrally molded by a resin mold part into an integral mold structure.

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An ink pellet formed of solid hot melt ink is movably stored in an accommodating channel section of an ink supplying system relative to a tank section so as to provide a predetermined amount of hot melt ink to the tank section. The ink pellet has an upper portion having a lateral width greater than ...

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A device for preventing contamination of a print sheet and the reduction in the effectiveness of a scorotron type charger by free toner and paper particles. The device includes a paper dust eliminator extending the length of a photosensitive member and a wiping mechanism at each end of the photosens ...

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A developer cartridge including a frame, a developer carrying member, and an input gear member is provided. The frame includes a first side wall and a second side wall, and the first side wall and the second side wall extend in a length direction. The developer carrying member extends from the first ...

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A water-disintegrable cleaning article in a laminated sheet form comprising a laminated sheet prepared by sandwiching an inner sheet in between outer sheets, embossing the resultant laminate, and impregnating the embossed laminate with a water-containing cleaning agent. The cleaning article is provi ...

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After the rotor position has been fixed prior to the start of a motor, the driving mode can be rapidly switched to sensorless driving and the motor can be started and controlled, by conducting current conversions in such a power supply pattern that increases the starting output torque of the motor, ...