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An ultrasound source for transmitting ultrasound along a fiber or rod comprises a thin piezoelectric element having two closely spaced apart concave and convex surfaces and an acoustic intensifier abutting the concave surface. The acoustic intensifier tapers from the concave surface to a narrow cros ...

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An ultrasound transducer device for use below and above room temperature comprises a case secured to a cup-shaped ceramic piece having a substantially flat end wall. The outer surface of the end wall comprises a face through which ultrasound is transmitted and received by the transducer device. The ...

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An ultrasonic transducer for transmitting and receiving ultrasonic energy to and from a gaseous medium comprises a piezoelectric element having front and back sides, an electrically conductive plating over the front side of the piezoelectric element, a transmission layer of lower acoustic impedance ...

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A hard faced contact ultrasound transducer device for transmitting ultrasound pulses into a workstructure at temperatures substantially above room temperature comprises a ceramic protection block, a piezoelectric element bonded to the protecting block, a damping substrate adjacent the piezoelectric ...

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A piezoelectric transducer defined by two faces comprises a plurality of piezoelectric cylinders. The axial length and composition of the piezoelectric cylinders determines the frequency of the transducer when excited. The axial ends of the piezoelectric cylinders are aligned with the faces. The pie ...

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A piezoelectric transducer comprises a piezoelectric layer and an adjacent layer of an acoustic impedance matching material having a plane face comprising a homogenous matrix material with embedded fibers, clusters of fibers, or rods of another material oriented perpendicular to the plane face.

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A piezoelectric transducer (10) includes (a) a first gas matrix piezoelectric composite (12) having a side including at least one positive pole (+) and another side including at least one negative pole (−); (b) a second gas matrix piezoelectric composite (14) having a side including at least one pos ...

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A composite seal comprising a resilient, compressible refractory material, preferably fibrous, sandwiched between two sheets of graphite or like material is placed between metal casing plates or coolers and refractory pieces, blocks or members disposed inside a glass forming chamber which contains a ...

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Apparatus for determining the speed of sound through a specimen comprises an ultrasound sending transducer, an ultrasound receiving transducer, a pair of laser distance sensors, a display device, a controller in communication with the ultrasound sending transducer, the ultrasound receiving transduce ...

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Method of making a gas matrix composite ultrasound transducer comprises aligning piezoelectric rods or fibers substantially parallel to each other on an adhesive side of a plurality of curable adhesive-faced sheets, stacking the sheets so as to maintain the gaps between the rods or fibers, curing th ...