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A system for the capture and playback of temporal data representing a collaborative activity such as a meeting. Such temporal data is captured by one or more capture devices (e.g. audio recordings or an electronic whiteboard). Temporal data is comprised of timestreams and events. Timestreams are set ...

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A technique for wordspotting based on hidden Markov models (HMM's). The technique allows a speaker to specify keywords dynamically and to train the associated HMM's via a single repetition of a keyword. Non-keyword speech is modeled using an HMM trained from a prerecorded sample of continuous speech ...

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Prior to character or phoneme recognition, a classifier provides a respective probability list for each of a sequence of sample characters or phonemes, each probability list indicating the respective sample's probability for each character or phoneme type. These probability lists are clustered in ch ...

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A system for capturing and controlling access to concurrently recorded timestreams of a session. A session is of a collaborative activity such as a meeting. Timestreams of the session are captured by various recording devices. The timestreams are analyzed to create a set of events for each timestrea ...

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An electronic notebook assigns properties to digital ink of note marks and keywords to digital pages. The properties indicate the type of note mark and the keywords indicate general content of the note marks on a digital page. The notebook also synchronizes audio data with the note marks and permits ...

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When dynamically grouping a plurality of graphic objects, such as displayed on a graphic input display apparatus, a cluster tree is formed for the plurality of graphic objects. The cluster tree is based on a plurality of different types of distance measures. These include a time distance and a spati ...

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Font-independent spotting of user-defined keywords in a scanned image. Word identification is based on features of the entire word without the need for segmentation or OCR, and without the need to recognize non-keywords. Font-independent character models are created using hidden Markov models (HMMs) ...

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A document organizing system extracts annotations made to a document along with the context surrounding each annotation and organizes the annotations based upon the annotation attributes and/or context. The annotations are created by grouping marks based upon their proximity in time and space. The d ...

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The present invention analyzes recorded video from a video camera to identify camera and object motion in the recorded video. Keyframes representative of clips of the recorded video are displayed on a user interface that allows a user to manipulate an order of the keyframes. Editing rules are then a ...

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A method for recognizing user specified pen-based gestures uses Hidden Markov Models. A gesture recognizer is implemented which includes a fast pruning procedure. In addition, an incremental training method is utilized.