Divine T Ndumu, Hyacinth S Nwana, Lyndon C Lee: Software system generation. British Telecommunications public company, Nixon & Vanderhye P C, November 6, 2001: US06314555 (141 worldwide citation)

A system for building collaborative software agents is provided with a set of editors for capturing data for installation in the individual agents. The collaborative software agents will normally form a community, including some standard agents, provided by the system, and will collaborate to provid ...

Lyndon C Lee, Hyacinth S Nwana, Divine T Ndumu: Scheduler for a software system having means for allocating tasks. British Telecommunications public company, Nixon & Vanderhye P C, July 17, 2001: US06263358 (132 worldwide citation)

A community of collaborative software agents works together in a domain to provide functionality such as provision of communications services or control of a chemical process. A scheduler is built into each collaborative agent which schedules tasks allocated to that particular agent and tasks sub-al ...

Simon G Thompson, Lyndon C Lee, Roberto Avalos Salas: Negotiation system. Nixon & Vanderhye PC, June 29, 2006: US20060143108-A1

Negotiations for internet-based auctions or other bidding processes use a plurality of computer-based agent means 21,23,24. An originating agent 21 first defines the rules of the session by retrieving from a store 22 a previously-generated definition of the interactions required in a negotiation, an ...

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