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A device sensitive to pressure waves including first and second sheets of polyvinylidene fluoride supported in spaced apart relationship. The major faces of each sheet are provided with respective inner and outer foils of copper and an electrically insulating sheet of PTFE is sandwiched between, and ...

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A method of forming a multipole magnet wherein two backing sheets of paper or film material are screen or stencil printed with an ink containing magnetic particles and a carrier material to provide respective complementary patterned areas thereon, the patterned areas of ink are cured or dried, the r ...

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A method for selective dissolution of tin and/or lead- or tin-containing alloys from printed circuit boards is provided comprising contacting a printed circuit board with a solution comprising Ti(IV) and an acid which forms stable and soluble salt of Ti(III), Ti(IV), Sn(II) and Pb(II), under conditi ...

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A process for the preparation of an anisotropic conducting material including the steps of providing a strip or sheet of a non-conducting matrix and laminating at least one layer of a release material to each side thereof to form a composite matrix, forming an array of holes in a predetermined patte ...

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A record having an information track cut into the surface and a visible pattern formed on surface "lands" bordering the track. The pattern is shallower than the track depth, typically 0.7 micron for a 25 micron sound microgroove record track. A method of providing the marking by applying solvent to ...

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A solid electrolyte sensor to measuring the amount of trace elements, such as sulfur, in molten metals such as steel is provided wherein zirconia toughened strontium .beta.-alumina is used as the solid electrolyte. The resulting sensor is highly resistant to thermal shock, and is suitable for use wi ...

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A modulated groove record, such as a video disc, has a coating on a conductive layer bearing the modulated groove formed from the material of the layer. The material may be aluminium and the coating may be a uniform dielectric of aluminium oxide formed by anodizing. The groove may be impressed in th ...

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A detector to measuring the microelements in molten metals or alloy comprising zirconia toughened strontium beta -alumina used as the solid electrolyte. The sensor in the invention is highly resistant to thermal shock.