Lyle D Atkins: Process and apparatus for the destructive distillation of waste material. Wallace Atkins Oil Corporation, Bard Springs Jackson & Groves, July 26, 1977: US04038152 (47 worldwide citation)

An apparatus is provided for the destructive distillation of organic waste materials. An insulated sealed distillator compartment is provided having a plurality of conveyor stages for transporting the waste material through the sealed compartment while subjecting the material to a plurality of incre ...

Lyle D Atkins: Biological apparatus for generating electrical power and process for producing bacteria electrolyte. Biolec Corporation, Bard Springs Jackson & Groves, April 18, 1978: US04085254 (11 worldwide citation)

In one exemplar embodiment, a biological source of electrical power is provided. The electrical power source comprises a pair of electrodes formed of elements having differing electromotive force. Interposed between the electrodes and in contact with them is an electrolytic material comprising an aq ...


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