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A tissue penetration device and method of using same that may include a lancet module or sampling module. The sampling module may optionally be in a cartridge configuration and include sampling and analyzing functions, which may be integrated.

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A method for fabrication of micro heat exchangers, which enable an efficient heat transfer between two flowing media. In a first processing step, a plastic layer is structurized by means of photolithography, x-ray deep lithography, or laser ablation. This plastic structure is galvanically molded in ...

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The invention relates to novel tubulysin conjugates (e.g. of tubulysin A) and the use thereof in the treatment of cancer diseases.

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The invention relates to a flow cell comprising a layered arrangement of three plates (3-5) in which an intermediate plate (4) consisting of a flexible material is inserted between plates (3, 5) consisting of a more solid material, and at least one of the plates comprises at least one recess (15, 17 ...

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N-(4-carbamimidophenylamino) phenylglycineamide derivative compounds having the formula: ##STR1## in which E, g.sup.1, g.sup.2, Q, R and X.sup.1 to X.sup.4 are each as defined in the description, and hydrates or solvates and physiologically acceptable salts thereof can be used as inhibitors of the f ...


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The invention relates to a microfluid storage device having at least one supply chamber (5) formed by bulging a film (7) or membrane (19), a target break point (10) for forming an opening in the supply chamber (5), and a transport path (9) leading from the supply chamber (5) to an opening (11) in th ...

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This describes a procedure for replicative fabrication and packaging of at least one microstructured molded part as one magazine/molded part composite as well as a magazine with at least one microstructured molded part as one magazine/molded part composite. The first step covers fabrication of at le ...

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Disclosed is a method to simplify the handling of micro-components, wherein a micro-component is initially produced on a micro-component base plate. At least the open side surfaces of the micro-component are then cast using a hardening moulding material whereupon the base plate and/or the moulding m ...

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A microfluidic device for transporting a fluid, in particular a micropump or microvalve. The device has films, which lie against each other at film surfaces facing each other and are connected to each other in such a way that a transport channel to be formed between the films is defined, Deflecting ...