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A method for conducting a purchasing agreement for goods and services between a consumer and a merchant through a trusted a third party and using a wireless network includes generating, by the consumer, a first view of the agreement and transmitting the first view of the agreement to the third party ...

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A mobile phone system and method of initializing, at a secure transaction server (STS), a mobile payment software with a software authentication parameter, as an authentic mobile payment software; providing an STS correlation between a personal identification entry (PIE) and the authentic mobile pay ...

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A system for conducting an agreement between two parties relying on a trusted a third party includes a first party generating a first view of the agreement and transmitting the first view of the agreement to the third party, a second party independently generating a second view of the agreement and ...

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A computer system, a method of a computer system and a computer-readable medium securely transmit and verify a multiparty agreement. The method, the computer system, and the computer readable medium include developing and transmitting views of the multi-party agreement by each party to a separate ve ...

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A mobile network solution provides secure and portable wireless networking service to mobile users with devices equipped with wireless network interfaces. The Secure Nomadic Wireless Network, or SNOWNET, follows a hierarchical approach. Special SNOWNET nodes are deployed in the area where networking ...

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A method of migrating across link technologies on an IP-based subnet while maintaining on-going communication comprises selecting a link, and notifying interested hosts of the address of the selected link. A mobile computing devices migrates across link technologies on a subnet while maintaining on- ...

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A computer-based system securely transmitting and authenticating a transaction input by a user while retaining the anonymity of the user with respect to content of the transaction, including a device encoding the content of the transaction input by the user with a key known only to another device, e ...

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A wireless computer network includes a backbone network including backbone network nodes authenticated to each other and in communication with each other. The wireless computer network also includes a master authenticator node and a proxy authenticator node among the backbone network nodes. When an ...

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A pay-per-connection system is coupled to a network service provider and to a client computer. The pay-per-connection system receives payment and a passcode from a user, determines duration of use based on the payment, and provides access by the client computer to the network service provider based ...

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A contention based communications channel access method emulates scheduled access by dynamically updating Enhanced Distribution Channel Access (EDCA) parameters for groups of member stations in a Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN).