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A vibration-combining ultrasonic bone surgical instrument comprises a handle (1), a scalpel (16) and an ultrasonic signal generator. The handle (1) contains a transducer (9) which converts the ultrasonic signal generated by the ultrasonic signal generator into ultrasonic mechanical wave, an amplitut ...

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The production method of multi-taste sliced ice as cold food is characterized by dissolving the following raw materials of sweetening agent, saccarin, edible emulsifying essence, white sugar, citric acid and edible colouring matter in edible water, and making the invented sliced ice with thickness o ...

Shi Wenyong, Zhou Zhaoying, Luo Xiaoning, Zhang Yuli: A detachable cutting multipurpose scissors for surgical operation. Beijing Beyonder Technologies, December 13, 2006: CN200610011931

The invention relates the detachable multi-purpose knife, comprising ultrasonic conducting bar, knife bar inner sleeve, knife bar outer sleeve, assembly sleeve and hand handle. The knife bar outer sleeve is around the knife bar inner sleeve, and the ultrasonic conducting bar is in knife bar inner sl ...

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The invention relates to an intelligent ophthalmic ultrasonic emulsification apparatus, comprising a host machine of a surgical apparatus, an ultrasonic handle, an image collection system and a foot brake, wherein the host machine of the surgical apparatus comprises a signal generator, a process and ...

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The invention relates to an ultrasonic debridement surgical system which comprises a main machine, a debridement handle and a backpedaling brake. The surgical system is characterized in that the main machine comprises an ultrasonic signal control system and a fluid concentration/rate control system, ...