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A chewable smoking substitute composition is disclosed which comprises about 15 to about 80 percent gum base and a nicotine cation exchange resin complex dispersed in the base. The cation exchange resin complex constitutes up to about 10% of the chewing gum composition and affords a nicotine release ...

Lichtneckert Stefan, Lundgren Claes, Ferno Ove: Chewable tobacco substitute composition. Aktiebolaget Leo, Huescher Gordon W, April 15, 1975: US3877468 (60 worldwide citation)

Chewable smoking substitute composition comprises at least about 40 percent by weight of a gum base and a tobacco alkaloid dispersed in said gum base in an amount sufficent to provide smoking satisfaction.

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A breathing apparatus of the type having a rebreathing system from which the user inhales and into which he exhales and which receives fresh gas making up for consumed oxygen. The rebreathing system alternately operates as a fully closed system and a fully open system; it operates in the closed mode ...

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1,058,458. Exercising apparatus. CYKELFABRIKEN FRAM A.B. Dec. 21, 1965, No. 54055/65. Heading A6M. In an exercising apparatus a brake member co-operates with a brake drum such that breaking torque increases with the driving speed. The embodiment shows a crank and pedal operated device in which a sha ...


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A voting system for compiling a vote on alternative questions distributed by a mass medium. A vote is placed by the manual connection of a load to a public supply system, by a voter at an instant and during a period determined by a control signal transmitted from a remote center. The total load meas ...


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794,242. Respiratory apparatus. ARBORELIUS, M. M., and LUNDGREN, C. E. G. July 11, 1956 [July 11, 1955], No. 21467/56. Class 81 (2). Underwater breathing apparatus comprises a breathing bag having means to compensate for the difference in pressure within the wearer's lungs and the breathing bag at d ...

Lundgren Claes Hakan: A product and a method of manufacturing tubular products by exposing a tubular blank to inner pressure. Platform Claes H Kan Lundgren, May 2, 2003: EP1305124-A1

The invention relates to a method of manufacturing products, wherein a blank is produced in the shape of a closed profile and having an at least partially profiled wall and is then deformed to its final shape by applying pressure to the wall of the blank. In accordance with the invention a piece of ...

Lundgren Claes Hakan: Method of forming metal sheet. Claes Hakan Lundgren Med Fa, June 30, 2004: EP1432538-A1

The invention relates to a method of forming a sheet-like workpiece (1) into a lengthwise irregular shape in a roll-forming machine (2) having several sequentially arranged stations (3A-G) with upper and lower forming tools (5, 6). According to the invention, this is specifically achieved by intenti ...