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Novel sunscreen compositions containing titanium dioxide having a particle size less than about 35 m mu and zinc oxide having a particle size less than about 50 m mu are described as well as methods of protecting the skin from damaging ultraviolet radiation.

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Personal care compositions suitable for use in skin care applications, which effectively deliver and/or deposit various benefit agents into and onto the skin and which are relatively non-irritating and thus suitable for use by people having sensitive skin and eyes comprising at least one ester and a ...


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The present invention relates to a method of heating the skin, nail or hair, said method comprising wetting a composition with water prior to, during or after application to said skin, nail or hair, wherein said composition is a substantially dry composition comprising at least one oxidising agent a ...

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The present invention features compositions comprising at least one compound of the formula I or formula II: wherein R1, R2, R3, R4, and R5 independently, are selected from the group consisting of hydrogen, C 1 -C 6 alkyl, C 1 -C 6 hydroxyalkyl, or a cosmetically acceptable salt thereof, and the use ...



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A composition and method of use thereof to moisturize skin, the composition having the formula: an alkoxylated fatty alcohol acid ester of Formula I; R1-O-ÄCH2-CH(CH3)-OÜy-Ä(CH2)2-OÜx-C(O)-CH2-B-CH2-C(O)-ÄO-(CH2)2Üx-(O-CH(CH3)-CH2Ü-O-R2 wherein: B is alkylene of 0 to 10 carbon atoms which may be sat ...

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SKIN CARE COMPOSITIONS Abstract The present invention relates to skin care compositions with improved aesthetic and physical characteristics comprising a lotion, cream or anhydrous base and talc with specific ratios of the non-volatile ingredients to talc.

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The invention relates to a method of simultaneously cleansing the skin and reducing skin sensitivity and/or skin reactivity. The method comprises topically applying a skin cleanser composition comprising: (a) an effective amount of an alkanolamine the formula: wherein X, Y and Z are selected from th ...