Luck Egon: Manufacture of alcoholic beverages. Kramer Raymond F, October 22, 1974: US3843809 (69 worldwide citation)

Artificial wines, liquors, brandies and liqueurs may be made by treating vodka or other suitable alcoholic beverage with an organic acid such as citric, malic or tartaric acid, alkali metal sulfite catalyst-stabilizer and flavoring to make the desired beverage. To make wines, liquors, brandies, and ...

Luck Egon: Sewage treatment. Kramer Raymond F, October 28, 1975: US3915853 (46 worldwide citation)

A method of treating liquid sewage includes precipitating heavy metals from the sewage, which may have been previously settled, filtered or otherwise treated so as to remove a large proportion of the solids content thereof, raising the pH of the sewage to over 11 and preferably over 12, to destroy p ...

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