Lucio V Reale, William R McKay: Treatment of underground beds. Townsend and Townsend, April 17, 1984: US04442896 (233 worldwide citation)

A method of preparing an underground bed for treatment. A channel is formed in the bed extending from the ground down through the bed and up to the ground. A cutting device is inserted into the channel operated to form a pathway in a substantially vertical plane.

Lucio V Reale: Process for recovering viscous, combustible material. Smyth Pavitt Siegemund Jones & Martella, October 21, 1980: US04228856 (48 worldwide citation)

A process for recovering a viscous, combustible material, for example tar from a tar sand or oil and bitumen from heavy oil, from a sub-surface deposit of the material. The process comprises forming a substantially vertical main bore into the deposit and igniting the deposit adjacent the base of the ...

Lucio V Reale: Process and apparatus for separating tar from a tar sand mixture. Larson Taylor and Hinds, February 10, 1981: US04250017 (17 worldwide citation)

A process and apparatus for separating tar from a tar sand mixture. The separating step is by a novel mechanical process avoiding the complication of heating, freezing and the use of solvents. In the process a suitable suspension liquid is added to a tar sand mixture which is then struck with a plur ...

Lucio V Reale: Furnace. Townsend and Townsend, July 14, 1981: US04278034 (7 worldwide citation)

A furnace adapted to burn a low grade, granulated fuel. The furnace has a combustion vessel to receive a fuel and spaced inner and outer walls. A lid is positionable on the top of the combustion vessel and there is an exhaust vent in the lid. A bottom to the combustion vessel. A false bottom to the ...

Lucio V Reale: Fulcrum tilt building system. Larson Taylor & Hinds, March 2, 1976: US03940902 (4 worldwide citation)

A method of constructing buildings is disclosed wherein a multicellular monolithic structure is formed with walls and future floors all in a vertical plane. The walls may be formed from concrete or other laminate material. The structure is then tilted about tilt points along a tilt line which is ret ...

Lucio V Reale, William R McKay: Apparatus to generate electricity. Townsend and Townsend, September 6, 1983: US04403154 (2 worldwide citation)

An apparatus to generate electricity. There is a first cylinder having an open end and containing a first piston. A second cylinder has an open end and contains a second piston. A pipe communicates the two cylinders at the ends remote from their open ends. A closure can be moved to close and open th ...



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