Zhang Zhichao, Lu Zhiping: Manufacturing method of identification circuit of ink jet printing head chip. Inst Of Industrial Technology, chen gong pan peikun, December 3, 2003: CN02120419 (1 worldwide citation)

A method for preparing the recognizer circuit of ink-jet printhead chip includes generating a recognizer circuit at the predefined position close to the ink supplying through of printhead chip, and features that in the process for preparing the said ink supplying trough, the recognizer circuit is cu ...

Li Aixiu, Lv Dongliang, Hu Caixia, Lu Zhiping, Dou Tao: Organic-inorganic ordered laminated materials and production thereof. Taiyuan Science And Engineering Univ, jia dunfeng, August 16, 2006: CN200610012325

An orderly laminated organic-inorganic material used to prepare the composition for the adsorptive separation includes such steps as mixing straight-chain carboxylic acid with alkyl silicate, reacting to prepare monosubstituted, bisubstituted or trisubstituted straight-chain alkyl acyloxysilicate (o ...

Lu Zhiping: Medicine for treating hepatic fibrosis and preparation method thereof. Southern Medical University, hu jiyuan, December 27, 2006: CN200610035753

The invention discloses a medicament for treating liver fibrosis, wherein the raw materials include baikal skullcap root, root of red rooted saliva, peach kernels, astragalus root, turtle shell, Mallotus and oil of aromatic turmeric. Its preparation consists of water extracting, merging, concentrati ...

Huang Mingsheng, Yang Wei, Chen Jinchuan, Lu Zhiping, Shen Qi, Chen Zhang: Method for filtering junk nails. 263 Network Communication, wu li, March 22, 2006: CN200510114440

The method of filtering out junk mails includes: mode identification with DNA mode recognizing module on input mail set and storing in DNA mode library; and detecting mails with characteristic mode word separating module through decoding detected the text of mails after certain algorithm coding to r ...

Gu Dayong, Li Zhangchun, Lu Zhiping, Xu Yunqing, Ji Yanhong, Zhang Yaou, Yang Jingtao, Zhou Yuanguo, Lu Weiping, Yu Huawei, Liang Bing: Method and dedicated device for enriching air microorganism. Graduate School At Shenzhen, Tsinghua University, guanchang, July 11, 2007: CN200610169705

The invention discloses an enriched air microbe biological device and method, which comprises the following parts: case, which possesses outlet on one end and closing end with porous network; filtering collecting component, which is connected on the outlet end of case detachably; fan component, whic ...


Zhu Shude, Zhang Hongcheng, Lu Zhiping, Sun Hongjun: Biological insecticide with synergistic effect and preparing method thereof. Yangzhou University, huding hua, August 15, 2007: CN200710020052

The invention relates to a biocide and the preparing method. Said biocide comprises: avermectin 1.1- 1.5%, neem 0.05- 0.5%, auxiliary agent 2- 25%, packing material 73.5- 97.8%, the proportion is weight proportion; auxiliary agent and packing material are added into avermectin and neem to produce su ...

Lu Zhiping, Xu Yunxiang, Zhu Shude: Sophora tonkinensis root total base microemulsifier of botanical insecticide and the method for preparing the same. Lu Zhiping, sunfang wei, September 19, 2007: CN200710020921

The invention relates to a vegetative pesticide subprostrate sophora root tall-alkali micro-emulsion and its preparation method. The subprostrate sophora root tall-alkali with subprostrate sophora root as raw stock is used as the active ingredient of the vegetative pesticide subprostrate sophora roo ...

Lu Zhiping, Xu Yunxiang, Zhu Shude: Tylophorine emamectin benzoate microemulsion of botanical insecticide. Lu Zhiping, sunfang wei, October 31, 2007: CN200710020922

The invention discloses a plant source pesticide tylophorine. A vitamin salt microemulsion, which is characterized by the following: possessing active component as tylophorine and nail amido avermectin benzoate; choosing old melon head (Cynachum komarovii Al. Iljinski) as raw material; killing pest ...


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