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A one-time, voltage-programmable, read-only memory array in which individual memory cells comprise an insulated-gate, field-effect transistor, the channel of which provides, through a voltage-programmable anti-fuse element, a current path between a reference voltage line (34) and a bitline (48 + 49) ...

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Briefly, in accordance with an embodiment of the invention, a method and system to program a memory material is provided. The method may include applying three signals having different durations and different amplitudes to a memory material to program the memory material to a predetermined state.

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A memory may have access devices formed using a chalcogenide material. The access device does not induce a snapback voltage sufficient to cause read disturbs in the associated memory element being accessed. In the case of phase change memory elements, the snapback voltage may be less than the thresh ...

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A phase change material memory cell (10) may be formed with singulated, cup-shaped phase change material (18). The interior of the cup-shaped phase change material (18) may be filled with a thermal insulating material (22). As a result, heat losses upwardly through the phase change material (18) may ...

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A selective etching and chemical mechanical planarization process for the formation of self-aligned gate 15 and focus ring 19 structures surrounding an electron emission tip 13 for use in field emission displays in which the emission tip 13 is i) optionally sharpened through oxidation, ii) conformal ...

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Phase change memories (10) may exhibit improved properties and lower cost in some cases by forming the phase change material layers (14) in a planar configuration. A heater (16) may be provided below the phase change material layers (44) to appropriately heat the material (14) to induce the phase ch ...

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In an aspect, an apparatus is provided that sets and reprograms the state of programmable devices. In an aspect, a method is provided such that an opening is formed through a dielectric (210) exposing a contact (170) formed on a substrate (110). The resistivity of the contact is modified by at least ...

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The memory device has constituent cells (604) which include a structural phase-change material to store the cell's data. This material may be, for instance, a chalcogenide alloy. A first pulse (204) is applied to the cell (604) to leave the material in a first state, such as a reset state in which t ...

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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To enhance the heat generating efficiency of a non-volatile memory element, provided with a recording layer containing a phase changing material.SOLUTION: The memory element is provided with a bottom electrode 12; a top electrode 17 provided on the bottom electrode 12; and a re ...

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Briefly, in accordance with an embodiment of the invention, a memory (100) is provided. The memory (100) may include a memory element (130) and a first access device (120) coupled to the memory element (130), wherein the first access device (120) comprises a first chalcogenide material (940). The me ...