Lowery James R: Panel for selectively absorbing solar thermal energy and the method of producing said panel. The United States of America represented by the Administrator of the, Riggins Wayland H, Wofford Jr L D, Manning John R, November 18, 1975: US3920413 (44 worldwide citation)

A panel for selectively absorbing solar thermal energy comprising a metallic substrate, a layer of bright metallic material carried on the substrate, and a solar thermal energy absorbing coating carried on the bright metallic material. A layer of zinc is interposed between the metal substrate and th ...

Lowery James R: Lawn mower and edger mechanism. September 26, 1972: US3693334 (12 worldwide citation)

A rotary lawn mower in combination with an edge trimmer is disclosed in which a single power source is employed to drive both mechanisms. The edge trimmer is positioned on the upper surface of the mower housing and is adapted to pivot into a retracted position when not in use so that the mower is ab ...


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